grooved tokens


grooved or profiled tokens

Profiled or grooved tokens are notched on one or two sides. Due to the special profiling, the tokens only fit the corresponding coin validators. Profiled tokens are available with a different number of notches and with different diameters. The position and distance from each other are also important. The use of profiled tokens and testing only through the template of the front panel is only recommended for applications with low security requirements. e.g. Showers, lockers, self-service vacuums, ....

A standard token is the profiled token type pd25 with 25mm diameter and 1 + 2 notches. The pd25 token can often be used on coin-operated machines from Beckmann, NZR or Holtkamp..

We cannot offer embossing with a lettering or logo for profiled tokens.

Do you have any further questions about profiled tokens? Please contact us!

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